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Obsessing Over Flatforms

The first time I laid eyes on flatforms was when Andrea walked into the apartment leaving her black flatforms sandals at the door. At the time I remember thinking “Hmmm I vaguely remember seeing them in my periphery walking around SoHo. Girl’s got some forward thinking style. Not sure that I’d get away with these not-quite-platforms that has the deathly potential to make you look too cute, even shorter than you should be despite the 3 inch all around heels, and just overall unsexy.”

Then, I walked into Old Hollywood over the weekend in Greenpoint and discovered a paid of Gee Wawas, possibly the same type of flatform shoes that Andrea had on except in red leather. I freaked out as it became indescribably desirable to me. Of course they didn’t have my size so I went on an internet search and have been obsessing over flatforms since.

Apparently it’s a spring and summer season trend and folks either love it or hate it. Gawking over them with Elaine she dismissed them for being too Euro. Not sure what that means considering I’m fashion illiterate and it’s not stopping me from scrounging online to find a pair with my size. It’s a hopeless endeavor so far but if you specifically see this pair in a size 6, call me stat.

Next topic of discussion: what do you think about clogs? Are they trending or fading? How about platform sneakers? Can I get away with it? Oh and then there’s Oxford flatforms



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