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Articles of Interest

A few articles of interest from NYT.

– An article about Elite Academy, a private unaffiliated prep school/after school program for students preparing for admissions exams to prestigious high schools and colleges. The article provides one limited perspective, that of the brainwashed oppressed children as they compete and prepare for upcoming exams forced on by their competition obsessed parents. I grew up in Bayside and Flushing where such academies flourish and prosper, making thousands off one child and his ignorant parents. I’ve taught and worked in a few of these places (they did provide jobs to high school students to assist teachers and I landed a job during college as an office manager and teacher) and I can assure you, it is all an unsuccessful data tweaking scam. These schools hire unqualified stressed out miserable underpaid public school teachers who are too worn and tired from an already full day to teach math and english that require nothing more than memory and sheet upon sheet of busy work. These boys and girls are scrammed into small crowded unventilated classrooms, some in basements and they don’t get to enjoy after school social functions or study in a fun productive and successful way. This is especially true during the summer where they condone locking these kids up all day long feeding gross food worse than what they serve in school cafeterias and take them on trips too few times. The material they provide for work are outdated by the years but reassure the parents they have the most updated information, tactics, and material to provide success for their students. Granted some of these kids do get accepted to the prestigious schools, but in my humble opinion, it has little to do with help from these deceivingly conniving money sucking machines.

– Regarding global warming and the economy and how to fix one without worsening the other, this article speaks about the challenge Obama will face on the 2 camps on climate. The concern is that by putting too much effort on capping carbon emissions it will further recede the economy. I would think it was simple enough to cap carbon emitting forms of production and create new earth friendly modes that will create jobs.  I’m not an economist nor an environmental specialist and would love to learn what Obama’s options may be to move against emissions without hurting the economy. is pretty nifty, a listing of places you can go for free drinks. every. day. ingenious.

“Coping Skills and Horrible Imaginings” Big never before heard news: it is more hurtful when you are unproductively anxious about any element in your life. If you are going to worry, worry productively and do something about it in the next 24 hours, the article suggests. For me this is difficult as I tend to have useless irrational worries about uncontrollable elements such as weather, which only manifests itself from real worries such as going through all that is on my to do list and every other list that I’ve conjured up in one day. I’ve been much better lately and more productive than ever before and as much as the sinking economy worries me, I know with Obama in town we will all cope and improve. Just keep spending money to stimulate the economy, even if you don’t have any. On a side note, a terrible, awful video of this guy stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. Frightening.

– Check out Corin Hewitt at the Whitney, closes tomorrow! A makeshift studio in the lobby is occupied by the artist 3 days a week where he cooks, cuts, photographs, and installs art made out of food and other disposables. I knew about this already but never made my way out there. Article here.


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A quote from an article in yesterday’s NYTimes, comparing our economic struggle with that of Japan a decade ago, how similar it is and how long it took for Japan to recover.

A final lesson may be that the crisis will spill over into the real economy, confronting America with the prospect of a long, grim recession. But that might not be all bad, said Yukio Noguchi, a finance professor at Waseda University, if the recession forces Americans to consume less and kick the habit of overseas borrowing. “The final chapter of the crisis,” Dr. Noguchi said, “may be when Americans finally learn to live within their means.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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