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Reader: August 20, 2012

– Colbert and Stewart collaborate on a political clothing line “Indecision 2012“.

– Some deep thoughts on Barclay’s Center.

– How did you not know that legitimate rape does not lead to pregnancy?

– Red Hook Lobster Roll, dog biscuit style.

– How to comfortably delegate.

– Stream Animal Collective’s new album here.

– Grimes doesn’t hold up unless you’re actually watching her.

– Fox Is Black gets his logo mistaken for wolf saliva. Uncool.

– Beautiful tapestry-like nature photographs by Lisa A. Frank.

– An essay on Eminem.

– Founder of Wiseling is hot.

– Creating a catalog of Lower East Side’s vacant and usable spaces.

– A home cook’s guide to Brooklyn food.

– Paintings of pretty shoes.


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Reader: March 15, 2012

Managing your personal budget. Relieving to know Fred Wilson had a humble start and it’s possible to budget even at shingles per hour.

Worst moments in Romney’s interview.

– OMG why am I just finding out about this non addictive smokable herbal tea?

– I adore and love the work of Kelli Anderson and emailed her recently to help me with my branding and site but she didn’t respond. You can only ignore me for so long.

– Being an undocumented student ain’t easy. I can sympathize. Maybe I should produce a series of events and form an advocacy group. There should be a massive campaign to get the Dream Act passed. Why has it not gone viral yet, considering all the young talented folks out there struggling with this unfortunate state of affairs?? Hmmmm….

– Pretty spring clothes from Madewell.

– I want to go to SF just for this bookstore.

– Miike Snow’s new album review. You can listen to all the tracks now too.

Inner-City Arts is a non-profit providing art education to public school students. Can you imagine learning about graphic design in the 3rd grade? To be so lucky!

– The confounded meaning of contemporary art.

– Bushwick the next gallery district of New York. This makes me a bit sad. I’d root for LES before Bushwick. Sorry Brooklynites.

– Interview with Creative Time curator Nate Thompson.

Flying babies!

– Gallerist Jonathan Levine in a teletubby costume.

– A brief history of African stereotypes.

– On DISBAND, the conceptual art punk band of women artists from the ’70s and ’80s. Love!

– Wish I hadn’t missed Dependent Art Fair.

– Whole Foods is coming to Williamsburg. It’s all over folks.

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Reader: March 6, 2012

– The World according to the US.

– Is there an art scene in South Bronx now?

– Inside the home of Pinterest.

– Yvonne Rainer in conversation with RoseLee Goldberg on Performa.

– The story behind the “Keep Calm Carry On” poster.

– Cataloging lunch with rich people, including art dealers.

Super Morrissey Bros. Yes.

– Highs and lows of crowdsourced art criticism.

– On Jonathan Safran Foer on his 35th birthday.

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Reader: Feb 9, 2012

– A Kickstarter campaign raises $50k PER HOUR. Nuts.

– Design*Sponge goes Pinterest.

Peer to peer marketplaces, the online sharing economy and how to make it mainstream.

– A comedic spiff on Lana Del Rey.

– Flashcards to teach about basics of a tech startup.

– America is over-medicated. Surprised?

– 10 postmodern books.

– Be more mindful of your eating.

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Reader: February 7, 2012

– Drive is available on DVD. YES.

10 Questions with my girl Sarah Peltier, founder of Vegan Shop Up, coming to you February 12th at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwack.

– How to hire a social media manager, here referred to as inbound marketing manager.

10 writing tips from David Ogilvy.

– Lady Gaga is launching a startup for her little monsters.

– Collectors, dealers and artists respond to VIP art fair.

– I don’t really understand why there’s ANOTHER Spiderman movie…

– Hanging out at George Clooney’s house.

– My design hero David Stark giving a tour of his pop up ambush at Haus Interior.

– Stock photos of women looking remorseful after sexual encounters. Priceless.

– Woody Harrelson’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) gone wrong on reddit.

– All the superbowl ads on Pinterest.

– Performing 365 acts of kindness to prove to his daughter this world ain’t that bad after all.

Three big decisions your startup will make.

Sexist superbowl ads. Not buying it.

Design, Designers, and startups go hand in hand in hand.

– Inside the Idiotard.


– Good looking mini people.

– One woman’s scandalous rejection of her hasidic roots.

– OMG fudgy cocoa strawberry brownies.

Building community for your company.

– A visual crash course in world history in the span of 40 weeks. THIS, is how you get kids into science. Visuals.

Startup ideas Y Combinator would like to fund.

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Reader: February 3, 2012

– For those hesitant to get jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

– James Murphy creating his own coffee blend with a non-expert’s curiosity.

– The facebook IPO players club: these minority owners will soon be handed billions.

– Michelle Obama doing pushups.

– What a 5 year old thinks about logos.

10 notable quotes from Zuckerberg’s IPO letter to potential investors.

– OK Go teaches us about primary colors.

– MoMA PS1 unveils nifty performance dome for winter events.

– M. Wells is making froglegs, quail, chorizo, and calamari during PS1’s sunday sessions.

– Sneak Peek of VIP Art Fair, the online art fair that gives you an idea of what it’s like to see art in real life.

– What happens when facebook goes down: “Today, Jesse posted of ordering “Chai tea”, then Facebook went down. OMG! Did his tea arrive safely? Did it have Milk? HOW WAS IT? (cries)”

10 things you do when you don’t want to deal with people. Guilty: “Say “yes” to plans for drinks at 9 with your friend; at 8 text your friend to cancel. Buy a bottle of red wine and retreat to the warm glow of your computer screen.”

– What you can do about Komen cutting funds to Planned Parenthood.

– The truth about nightlife in New York City. Good read.

– Be hired by Tumblr to write about Tumblr.

– How to make cock sauce from scratch.

20 most beautiful bookstores in the world. If only public libraries in NY could come close…

– If only I had 2 SLR cameras to hang a leather camera harness from…

– All the places you can watch Superbowl on Sunday. We’ll be taking advantage Korean BBQ at my papa’s house in Queens.

– Pool funds for birthda presents with Giftiki. are one of many gloves that you don’t have to take off to fiddle with your iphone.

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February 1, 2012

– Look at these crazy looking sea slugs. So beautiful and colorful.

– Can we practice being alone, quiet & still?

– 12 business lessons for 2012. “Focus your focus”.

– Explaining Lana Del Rey’s curiously uncomfortable performance on SNL.

– I voted Thompson.

“Fuck your bookshelf with the books arranged by color.” THANK YOU.

– Artists kickstarting their careers.

Massimiliano Gioni named curator of Venice Biennale.


– Illustrations comparing Paris and New York.

The boy genius (20 yrs old) behind Bjork’s interactive live set-up.

– Hipsters are not illegal immigrants. They speak English.

– Shit Pat Kiernan says.

– These earrings look like used bandaids.

– Brainstorming doesn’t really work. It can’t be true!!

Indie capitalism is local, not global, and cares about the community and jobs and says so right up front.

– Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin. Woah.

– All about Facebook’s IPO.

– Kickstarter stats for 2011.

– Professional display of no hand bike moves.

– I Fink You Freeky and I like you a lot.

Faces of all the Mannings, in prep for Super Bowl Sunday.

– If only I were an intermediate painter to take advantage of Columbia’s 4 week intensive in Paris!

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