100 Proof Project

Brooklyn Night Bazaar


Greenpoint Food Market

Work It Brooklyn

Greenpoint Open Studios

Northside Open Studios

North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition

Plates and Records


Brooklyn Bread


Brooklyn Based


Roos Arts

White Hot Magazine

Hexed Journal


Willamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts

Greenpoint Gazette


7 responses to “Projects

  1. Anonymous

    your blog is terrific!
    i actually just stumbled upon it because i am looking for Michael Farmer. I am curator and i must have lost his number with my old phone…
    i’d be very grateful if you could help put us back in touch!
    Warm regards
    Ella Levitt

  2. Contemporary Artists Band Together to Support Occupy Wall Street Film – works available – thought you might be interested – over 20 filmmakers + the curator are in Brooklyn/NY.

    Hi, I want to let you know about an experimental collaborative film that’s being made by 75+ award-winning (internationally distributed) feature filmmakers, photographers and artists all over the country. This film, currently titled 99% – The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film has just launched on Kickstarter, and scores of contemporary artists have donated works toward the campaign. The producers and artists are making the works available at lower than usual prices; pieces that would otherwise be out of reach are now widely affordable. Many amazing pieces are up, and this could be a great last minute gift idea.

    Artists include Peter Eide, Kristian Kozul, Lisa Kirk, Lucas Blalock, Elijah Burgher, and many more. Please visit for a trailer, more info, and a full list of participating artists. New artists and works are announced each week. If you’re interested in featuring this on your site, we’d be happy to answer any questions or provide additional images.

    Thanks, and happy holidays.

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