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Tomorrow // Something I Ate // Food & Art Series

My dearests Sam & Kat have produced another rendition of Something I Ate to take place tomorrow night at Acme Studios in Williamsburg. I’ll be on site throughout the day and night helping out with set up and install and then eating & drinking a whole lot. More details below, you should join us. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Creative minds converge for this event with food being the principle medium. Presented at ACME Studio in Williamsburg, artists will document 7 days of their personal eating experience, from zero to x “meals” a day, culminating in a collaborative menu with Skimkim Foods. The idea is that from food, we derive pleasure, satisfaction, energy and inspiration (or vice versa) and these elements, whether cognizant of them or not, ignite our creative fires. With “Something I Ate”, we intend to share various artists’ true perception of food & sustenance in everyday life.

Each artist will pinpoint a defining meal, ingredient, or experience and Sam Kim of Skimkim Foods will present her seasonal, local interpretation including drinks from SNAP Liquor & Sailor Jerry Rum. Also, enjoy a Hot Buttered Rum by A.F. Rapoport Ltd.

Music will be provided by Dances With White Girls curating a fun aural environment.

Featuring Menu Collaborations by Artists: Jillian Leedy, Sidney Lo, John D’Aponte, Kristen Wentrcek and Sam Kim from Skimkim

Curated by Jose R. Mejia


  • Curry-infused Broth, Roasted Apple & Turnip, Fennel Fronds
  • Turkey Leg Pretzelbread Sammies w/ Cranberry Whole Grain Mustard  & Gravy (Tin Mustard)
  • Orange Ginger Pork Dumplings w/ Fermented Black Bean Sauce, Orange Zest & Radish, Deconstructed
  • Beet Risotto w/ Butternut Squash & Bacon Vinaigrette, Microgreens
  • Papadum & Faux Gras Napoleon w/ Pear Chutney, Parsley & Watercress Pesto
  • AsiaDog CornDog Thanksgiving!

And at the bar:

  • SNAP Coquito – Puerto Rican version of eggnog! Cold & creamy.
  • Rum Fashioned – A spicy rum version of an Old Fashioned w/ an orange twist.
  • Dark & Tempetuous – SNAP w/ ginger beer & lime.
  • Hot Buttered Rum, A.F. Rapoport – Hot & buttery. Perfect for warming you up.


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Something I Ate: April 29th

I’m co-curating this riotous food and art event, Something I Ate. Artists are invited to create an artwork somehow reflecting a week’s worth of their eating habits and Sam Kim of (Skimkim fame) will concoct a dish derived from each artist’s work. Visitors fall victim to this visual-sensual gluttony, a multi-consumptive experience that very well may leave you passed out in a state of oversaturated art-food coma. Thirty bucks for entry might sound steep but consider the fact this ain’t your run of the mill art show. There will be thoughtfully created dishes for your eating pleasure, drinks provided by Kanon Organic Vodka, and music provided by Skimkim herself. This is one event you won’t want to miss.

Tickets here.

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