Reader: Jan 26, 2009

- Dumbo Arts Center and Apex Art are taking curatorial proposals. (via art fag city)


- Babies in art. (via art fag city)

- Art 21 on the “Reality Check” show at Met. (via Art21)

- I don’t believe artists should be obligated to repair their works. Even if it breaks. (via wall street journal)


- You mean I don’t have to take off my gloves to check my iphone? Amazing! (via bloggy)

- Clinically depressed dog attacks former French prez. (via C-monster)

- Why appointing a culture czar is not a good idea. I don’t know if I agree. (via Culture Grrl)


- Asleep on the subway blog. (via gothamist)

- Blogs go paper. (via gothamist)

- Taschen warehouse sale this weekend in the city. (via one day at a time)

- Michael Pollan on how to eat. (via fearless cooking)

- Wednesday night’s s’Mac down. Why didn’t I go? (via not eating out in ny)

- Good uses for broccoli stalks and save veggie scraps for stock. Save your beet greens too and use the way you would kale and chard. (via the kitchn)

- LA Times recipe index. (via the kitchn)

- MAN was on WNYC today talking about Obama and if he’ll bring hipness to Washington. (via wnyc)

- Warhol plates. (via CB2)

- Evening with Jesper Just tonight! Unfortunately I have to babysit tonight. Luckily she’s the most amazing adorable godchild ever. (via MoMA)

- Where I REALLY want to be tonight is the talk with John Zissner discussing NY galleries and the art viewing experiencee. Dammit. (via artcal)

- Terence Koh is also a  model now. (via art observed)

- Jerry Saltz on the Vik Muniz Artist’s Choice show. (via NY Mag)

- Interview with curator Elizabeth Smith on Jenny Holzer makes me wonder how indeed do we define political art today Winkleman not a fan. (via art 21 and Edward Winkleman)

- More on the art advisory issue. (via culture grrl , looking around and artcal)

- Museum budget cuts range from 5 to 20 percent. No more cafe baristas and coatcheck militants (especially that pudgy guy with glasses at MoMA) and curatorial interns. (via artsjournal)

- Merill Lynch CEO spent $1.2 million on office redecoration. Absurd! (via c-monster)

- Galleries on deathwatch. (via c-monster)

- Ping Pong match? (Pulling up my sleeves, crouching lower to the table, paddle in hand, starring at prey. Served! (via c-monster)

- Obamameter (via c-monster)

- Amazing stop motion video. (via dailyopia)

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