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I’ve been regularly updating content to the new site. There won’t be new posts here so whatcha waitin’ for? Head to and change your stalker settings to follow me there!


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Sneak Peek

Above is a screenshot of what will be the new updownacross site. I’m currently devising a whole new business plan and approach to what UDA can be and it’s overwhelming the opportunities that abound. Look for updates in the next few weeks.

Thank you Ali for the design and Leia for the backend. Lovely lovely.


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Obsessing Over Flatforms

The first time I laid eyes on flatforms was when Andrea walked into the apartment leaving her black flatforms sandals at the door. At the time I remember thinking “Hmmm I vaguely remember seeing them in my periphery walking around SoHo. Girl’s got some forward thinking style. Not sure that I’d get away with these not-quite-platforms that has the deathly potential to make you look too cute, even shorter than you should be despite the 3 inch all around heels, and just overall unsexy.”

Then, I walked into Old Hollywood over the weekend in Greenpoint and discovered a paid of Gee Wawas, possibly the same type of flatform shoes that Andrea had on except in red leather. I freaked out as it became indescribably desirable to me. Of course they didn’t have my size so I went on an internet search and have been obsessing over flatforms since.

Apparently it’s a spring and summer season trend and folks either love it or hate it. Gawking over them with Elaine she dismissed them for being too Euro. Not sure what that means considering I’m fashion illiterate and it’s not stopping me from scrounging online to find a pair with my size. It’s a hopeless endeavor so far but if you specifically see this pair in a size 6, call me stat.

Next topic of discussion: what do you think about clogs? Are they trending or fading? How about platform sneakers? Can I get away with it? Oh and then there’s Oxford flatforms


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Reader: August 20, 2012

– Colbert and Stewart collaborate on a political clothing line “Indecision 2012“.

– Some deep thoughts on Barclay’s Center.

– How did you not know that legitimate rape does not lead to pregnancy?

– Red Hook Lobster Roll, dog biscuit style.

– How to comfortably delegate.

– Stream Animal Collective’s new album here.

– Grimes doesn’t hold up unless you’re actually watching her.

– Fox Is Black gets his logo mistaken for wolf saliva. Uncool.

– Beautiful tapestry-like nature photographs by Lisa A. Frank.

– An essay on Eminem.

– Founder of Wiseling is hot.

– Creating a catalog of Lower East Side’s vacant and usable spaces.

– A home cook’s guide to Brooklyn food.

– Paintings of pretty shoes.

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GO Brooklyn Artists + Voters Meetup // Aug 13 // 6 – 8pm

Brooklyn Museum is producing a BOROUGH WIDE open studios event Sept 8 + 9th called GO Brooklyn. I along with my studious UDA team Leia, Peter & Victoria have been chosen to represent Greenpoint and coordinate the community and all the artists within to register (registration is closed but we’ve got over 200 artists in Greenpoint waiting to open their studios), browse through the site with a total of 1800+ registered artists, create itineraries, visit studios and VOTE for their favorite artists for an opportunity to show their work at the museum this winter.

We’re hosting an artists + voters meetup this Monday, Aug 13 at Diamond Bar from 6 – 8pm. It’s a great opportunity to meet artists, mingle, browse the site, register and support the creative community of Greenpoint. Come by and take advantage of happy hour specials from the bar (43 Franklin Street)!


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Feastly Potluck Meetup // Aug 19 // @ Dekalb Market

It grosses me a bit that I haven’t posted anything on my own blog since May. My brain has been that scattered. I’ve been that busy. My life has been that chaotic and uninteresting. After awhile I just abandoned the blog altogether and didn’t feel myself worthy to post anything. It was fear and laziness and anxiety piled atop each other and it become nauseatingly frustrating. But here I am to make a new announcement and hopefully get my crinkly fingers typing again for updownacross. Bare with me por favor.

Have you heard of Feastly yet? It’s an online platform that essentially helps you host dinner parties, a tool that connects cooks and eaters together as an alternative to the hectic NYC restaurant dining experience. At least that’s the goal. They launched in DC earlier this year and I’m joining the team to utilize my mad community development skills to bring Feastly to New York and more importantly, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is where the homes are, Brooklyn is where all the foodies are, and Brooklyn is where all those curious tastebuds go searching for new experiences to eat and meet new people.

I’ll be reaching out to all my foodies folks to host and eat throughout the city and I hope you’ll join me for our very first potluck for cooks interested in learning more about the platform. It’s a potluck and a meetup so RSVP here and dress to impress!

NYC Cooks Meetup with Feastly

August 19 // 6 – 9pm

at Dekalb Market

138 Willoughby Street



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Northside Art // Open Call for Artists // June 15 – 17

I’m producing the art component to Northside Festival which in few years time will oust SXSW as THE epicenter of multiculture. Their entrepreneurship component will be particularly exciting this year but I encourage all of you to focus on the art and check out some artist studios, marvel at interactive works during Williamsburg Walks, and check out the group exhibition. Until then, please help spread the word and if you’re an artist in North Brooklyn, sign up or lose.

Northside Art

June 15 – 17, 2012

Deadline to register // Extended to May 18th!
Meet & Greet // May 11th // 7pm // The Woods

About Northside Festival
Northside Festival is NYC’s largest and most accessible discovery festival. Hundreds of bands, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, innovators, and over 80,000 fans converge on Brooklyn over eight days to witness the most incredible showcase of “what’s next” in music, film, entrepreneurship, and art. Check out past photos and videos.

Northside Art
Northside Art is a three day event celebrating a burgeoning art scene in North Brooklyn. It serves to create a collaborative platform for artists through exhibitions, performances, panels, and our signature open studios. Our goal is to build a creative platform in which all members of the community can foster and contribute to a support system that encourages the sharing of ideas and relationships.

Group Exhibition // June 15 – 17 // Opening Reception June 15 // 7 – 10pm
This year we look forward to hosting a group exhibition that reflects the local artist community and the synergy between their works and practices. The opening night of Northside Art will launch with an exhibition opening on Friday, June 15 and will be on view thru Sunday, June 17.

Williamsburg Walks // June 16 // 2 – 8pm
On Saturday June 16, Northside Art will participate in the staple neighborhood community event by featuring works from local artists with a focus on interactive performances and sculptures.

Northside Open Studios // June 17 // Noon – 6pm
Northisde Art is proud to host the annual Northside Open Studios with 100+ artists living and working in Williamsburg and Greenpoint opening their studios to the public to engage in conversation, education, collaboration, and appreciation.

If you are interested in participating in any of these components please fill out this submission form.
If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Submission Guidelines
We encourage artists working in all mediums to register for one or all three components within Northside Art. We are open to all curatorial ideas and suggestions and our team can mediate communication, production, and promotion.
There is a $10 fee to open your studio on Sunday. The cost helps us manage communication, promotion, and printing!

Join us for our meet & greet May 11th, this Friday at The Woods!
The Meet & Greet is a great way for artists to get familiar with the event and fellow participating artists.

Call for Volunteers
We will never fall short of need helping to run all things for installation and promotion to communication and management. Email us if you’d like to be involved in producing an art event that supports and engages the local art community.


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