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Alison Blickle

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is taking place today and tomorrow at Metropolitan Pavilion.

– 3rd Ward is hosting another Drink and Draw. Let provocative chaos ensue.

– John Waters will grace us with his presence during a screening of Kitten with a Whip at Anthology Film Archives.

– My girl Alison is part of a group show titled Pornucopia opening tonight at Allegra La Viola. Sounds fun.

– Jen Bekman Gallery opens tonight with another Hey, Hot Shot! showcase.

– This girl-cum-drag-cum-woman show looks fun.

Baby Soda Band is playing at Southpaw.

– Another Blk Market Membership party ripples thru town.



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Mark Your Calendar: This Weekend

A few things on my calendar this weekend:

Michael Alan


Pierogi is having an opening featuring works by Patrick Jacobs. It also looks like they FINALLY revamped their website. I mean seriously, it was time.

Yes Gallery in Greenpoint is also having an opening tonight featuring the works of Michael Alan. He’s also the man responsible for those crazy performative live drawing sessions.

Glasslands is hosting a release party by Minks. Honestly I have no idea who they are and what kind of music they play but I’ve been wanting to expose myself to more local music as a means of discovery and think Glasslands to be the place of choice to find new music. Hopefully I’m right.

Duane Park is a burlesque and live jazz joint in Tribeca and the Brian Newman trio is performing alongside some seductive performances. I look forward to mingling with stuffy squares.

NY Gypsy All Stars is playing at 11:30 at Drom. Stoked.

– I’m super disappointed I can’t attend this show because it’s too goddamn much money for dinner. (There’s apparently a dinner tonight)

Loren Munk


– There’s a good list of shows between the Lower East Side, Brooklyn and Chelsea that I’m hoping not to miss, including Rita Ackermann & Harmony Korine at Swiss Institute and Loren Munk at Minus Space.

– There’s a few sample sales going on this weekend and I don’t want to miss the discounts happening at Opening Ceremony, Pixie Market, and Built by Wendy.

– Jimmy No. 43’s 3rd annual Cassoulet Cook Off is today, to benefit Greenmarket. Come. Hungry.

– My dearest Megan Burns has an opening at The Proposition Gallery’s new space tonight.

– My swing dance teachers host a dance party every Saturday night in Jersey City. Let’s see if I can get myself to get on the Path train.

– My dearest Lauren Darling, with Hungry March Band and a slew of others will be at Red Lotus Room for a night of revelry called Voluption. Lineup includes performances, music, clowns, gogo girls, burlesque artists, baton twirlers, and an overall variety fest. “Glitter, glitz, fringe, fur, sequins, feathers, suits, ties, top hats, headpieces…the sky is the limit!”

– Kheedim, aka Beatardo, aka Mama O’s Kimchee, is djing at K&M.

– This dance fest at Ace Hotel is tempting. I need to dance my brains out on a regular basis and am on a grueling search.



– Sundays I try to do as little as possible including going to the movies. On my watchlist is Illusionist and I love you Phillip Morris.

– Brooklyn Brainery is hosting a kimchi party that leaves me skeptical but not uncurious.

– Every Sunday at 4pm Go Yoga hosts community reiki sessions on donation basis. Let them touch you. and heal you.

– Matt Timms hosts a jerk off at The Bell House. I’m sure you’ll leave with tongue fatigue and pruned gums. Drink lots of water.

– My dearest Meg the beekeeper organized another awesome pie contest, this one to benefit Rooftop Farms.


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This Weekend


– It’s Korea Day at Central Park and homeslice Kheedim will be sampling some scrumptious Mama O’s Kimchee in addition to performing with his band The Beatards. Korean Power!

Last Supper Festival is having a fundraiser tonight at the lovely space The Commons on Atlantic Ave and it’s themed “Tropical Sensory Masquerade”. Think low cost, high flavored food, music, beer, art and projections, and the best part of it all, a friggin’ masquerade. $10 entry, $5 with costume. Show your support folksies!

Boy Crisis is officially my new favorite band, saw them open for Die Antwoord (NOT my new favorite band) and they’re playing tonight at Coco 66 11pm!!

Famous Friends is hosting a disco party on a boat!


– The 5th annual The Great Hot Dog Cookoff happens from 2 – 6pm at Kelso Brewery in Clinton Hill, benefiting City Harvest. Homeslice Laena will be there showing off the Farm Dog with pepper jam and paprika aioli. Homeslice Noah will be there serving Le Hot-Dog de creme glacee with ice cream on a croissant. Sounds kinda gross.

– Head north to Beacon for a one day trip and check out Electric Windows to witness live art and installation in the making. 24 artists will be making work to be installing along the facade a former electric blanket factory and in addition there will be music, food, dancing and screen printing.

Sonic Youth, Grass Widow, and Talk Normal play for free ($3 suggested donation) at Prospect Park. Last time I saw Sonic Youth was at Jones Beach and there were SO. MANY. FLIES. It was terrible.

The Danger keep saying the last party will be the last party but then they just keep having parties and this one will be just as crazy as the last.


Brooklyn Brine is teaching a pickling class at 2pm on Rooftop Farm. I can’t believe I haven’t been to the farm yet this year. Annie’s got bunnies and goats and chickens and sorts of shenanigans.

– I don’t really plan to do anything today except go Rockaway Taco and dip knee dip into the water.

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Mark Your Calendar May 28 – June 4


– One of my favorite artists in the world, James Hyde, opens tonight at Pierogi’s Boier!

Whitney will be open til midnight tonight on pay-what-you-wish basis so make sure to check out the biennial if you haven’t seen it yet.

Raccoon Fighter played at the food market last week and they’re at Don Hills tonight.


– My girl Jenny organized another Score! Pop Up event, and this one should be bigger than ever. Bring your old stuff, take home some new old stuff and have a merry day.

House of Yes is hosting a short Indie film festival that starts at noon til 10pm.

– I’m taking the Newtown Creek Visitor Tour today, face mask in tow.

Momix will potentially be very cheesy and glitzy but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing. Runs thru June 6th, I’m going tonight.


– I’ve heard some groans when I told folks I want to watch the entire Cremaster series at IFC tonight. I haven’t seen it yet!

– Believe it or not I haven’t seen Marina Abramovic’s retrospective at MoMA yet. Crazy, I know. So I’m going at the break o’ dawn today to try to guarantee a starring contest with her.


Bklyn Yard returns and starts off summer with some serious foodage. Greenpoint Food market will be there alongside a row of food trucks. Prepare to loosen that belt and not lose the pounds you hoped to lose for bikini season.


Jimmy’s No. 43 is hosting a brewer’s night, with a vegetarian dinner and beer pairing. $45 bucks a pop but it might be worth it.


– My dearly beloved Jon is back in town and playing with Jim as Anxieteam tonight at Pete’s Candy Store. Stoked.


Cinema 16 returns and Greenpoint Food Market’s La Tia Faby will be there selling empanadas. Lemonade will score four short films including Shirley Clarke’s Bridges Go Round, Ezra Johnson’s W.V.B., PSA Coney Island from 1940s, and Peter Tscherkassky’s Outer Space.

Round Robin artists Mary and Martin will open their studios for a visit.


– Today kicks off Bushwick Open Studios with a party at Beauty Bar.

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Mark Your Calendar: May 14 – May 20

It’s Friday! It’s going to be one hella super fanatical epilepsy-fit inducing hyperventilating gyrational weekend folks. I’m pretty stoked.


– Today, until 6:30pm is the last day to catch the ever so kickass performance/video artist Kate Gilmore at Bryant Park as she assigns 7 women in cheap and bright professional garb to be silent and stomp above a 10×10′ yellow cube in which a hollow middle space allows you to walk in and listen to the endless drone of deep tapping.

William Powhida gives a performance/lecture titled Surviving the Art World Using the Art of Sorcery at Hyperallergic. It’s sold out but you can get on the waitlist. Also, you can watch it live here.

NY Photo Festival launched on Wednesday and runs through the weekend.

– I want to watch Daddy Longlegs, which starts showing today at IFC.

– Oh my god, New York Uke Fest launched on Wednesday and considering I mediocrally play the profound and hysterical instrument it seems natural that I’d have the need to attend. Runs through Sunday.

– Moses Pendleton’s Momix launched last night and runs through June 6th, playing mostly at Joyce Theater. It looks plenty trippy. I bought tickets for the 29th.


– The International Contemporary Furniture Fair launches at Jacob Javits center. I went a couple years ago and was quite humble by some of these pieces of functional art. It was honestly more impressive and provoking than an art fair. Highly recommended.

Slidluck Potshow returns tonight and boy have we got some ambitious goals to share with YOU. So, we’re trying to break world record for LARGEST FUCKING POTLUCK EVER. Right now the recorded number of potluck dishes contributed to any given party is like 604 or something. We need to hella break that. SO, please please please join us starting 7pm with any made up dish you can conjure up in your kitchen and bear witness to what could be the most glorious and historical potluck, EVER.

– The ever empowered Olympia has been working her ASS off for this show the last few months and I can hardly wait to run over to that foreign land called New Jersey and attend the opening day of her show rightfully titled Escape From New York. 43 contemporary artists will strut their stuff within a cavernous old warehouse, actively engaging with the space and contributing to a notion that it’s not all that happening in Manhattan, and Jersey is actually, well, kinda fucking awesome. Can’t. Wait!!!!!!

Hester Street Fair happens again this weekend, it’s been all the buzz about town. Make sure to check out my girl Bheki and her art studded bags. I’m jealous of the smiley video they have on their website. Can someone do that for my market too please?

– I discovered Chicha Libre while reading through the band list for Sunday’s Taste event and not only discovered their amazing sound but the venue that they’ll be playing tonight, Barbes. I am all for cumbia, old school latin beats, and the like and this venue highlights many local worldly talents. Chica Libre will start playing every Monday as well.

– The big day is here. Franklin St. Immersion will be a day long discount fest with more than 20 stores offering drink specials and discounts. Pick up a card at Diamond or Champion to get even more stuff and free stuff. Indulgence.

Lab 24/7 is hosting an improv cooking session with 8 cooks toying with ingredients to what will hopefully amount to a delicious meal. It’s $75 per which is a tad much for me but is an awesome idea.

Crystal Stilts are playing at Glasslands tonight, for $12 it’s a steal.

Sparkseed is throwing a fundraiser at UC Lounge with cheap drinks and dancing. Now THAT’s how you support an awesome organization.


Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint is a tasting benefit to build Northside Town Hall inside 212 Firehouse. It’s going to be a delicious event. A pile of local restaurants will be giving away their signature mini plates and Greenpoint Food Market will be at the corner inside Superior vans to show some goods from a few vendors. Come hungry. Oh also, my favorite band of all time People’s Champs will be playing outside Superior at 3pm.

Huckleberry Bar is hosting what sounds to be both an intimidating and intoxicating night of classic cocktails and absinthe induced debauchery. The bar is participating in a series of events called Manhattan Cocktail Classic, celebrating the craft of cocktails and will feature Death in the Afternoon, a signature drink that Hemingway made famous. Tix are $50 but will be well worth your tipsy. I will most certainly be there after already having tasted a gargantuan amount of food at Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint.

– Greenpoint’s own Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is hosting a seed swap & plant sale from 9 – 4pm. Learn how to plant and eat your own food!


– Jamie Hook’s Open City Dialogue at Pete’s Candy Store finishes off the season with Practical Alchemy: An Investigation in to the secrets of life and death. I am intrigued, also because there will be free cupcakes. Mmmmm….Free Cupcakes….

Ed Varie, Apartamento Magazine, and Seems Books join forces for an evening of food and revelry at Tasca, a project to celebrate a recent issue of Apartamento featuring limited seating dinners for free. I rsvp for today but received no response so it might be sold out already. Boo.


– It’s Mellow’s 2 year birthday today. I will do nothing but give him shitloads of kisses and make him a doggy cake in which I will stuff his face in.

– I will also celebrate Mellow’s bday by going to No Lights No Lycra, dancing all my aggressions away in the dark inside a church in Greenpoint.

– Every Tuesday thru June, Jimmy No. 43 hosts $10 beer tastings. Awesome.

– My dear Mark of Fostercare plays at Glasslands. This will be a trippy performance.


– Hunter’s MFA students are presenting a thesis opening. I’ve gone almost every season and was mostly disappointed minus a few who blow me away every time. Show is held at Hunter College Times Square Gallery located at 450 W. 41st btw 9 & 10 ave and runs thru June 19th. Opening tonight is from 6 – 8pm. Look out for works by Daniel Nelson.

– My favorite DJs Finger on the Pulse is hosting their first BBQ blowout at Roberta’s. Should be kickin’.

– Famed Burlesque extraordinaire Gigi La Femme presents The Beauty Show under St. Marks Theatre.


– Karen started Markets of New York to cover just that, and she’s launching her book inside Chelsea Market at 6pm.

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Mark Your Calender: May 7 – May 14

I cannot believe a week has gone by already. It’s May 7th? Really?? I need to sit down and think really hard about this. How the HELL is time whizzing by so DAMN FAST?!! I vowed starting on the first to restrict my diet a bit and lose them extra rolls of chins and bellies but all I’ve done the last 7 days was eat tacos and sweet plantains at midnight and raisin danishes and apple crisps in the morning. I haven’t gone jogging every other day like I planned, nor have I practiced yoga couple days a week as I vowed. Yea. Trying to cook at home often is not so easy either when you’re flying about every night attending this that and the other thing. At least I’m having a blast doing it all and eating it all, albeit with the consequence of a major guilt trip and hypersensitized anxiety. I’m convinced it’s the coming of warm weather that I absolutely refuse to be tamed and disciplined. I am also noticing as the years progress I lose less and less winter fat as summer approaches. It’s a depressing realization, as is learning my skin is less suntan friendly, I’ll really need to start wearing sunblock before the leathery skin thing happens and skin cancer is one summer away. Aaah the drudgeries of aging.

The Affordable Art Fair launches tonight and runs through Sunday. Buy works from $100 – 10,000. Anything for $10 I can buy??

NY Gallery Week launches tonight and runs through Sunday and special events include book signing tonight by Dana Schutz at Zach Feuer.

The Unaffordable Art Fair opens tonight at NY Studio Gallery, sharing a message of unfair economic treatment towards artists. Participating artists includes one of my faves Jsun Laliberte.

– An exhibition of new photography by emerging artists opens at Winkleman Gallery tonight. Looks really good.

The Performancy Forum‘s night of experimental performances happens tonight with film, theater, music, and video.

Future Archaeology‘s Canopy Assemblage is a one night exhibition viewing of a living/synthetic ecosystem hosted by Northside Townhall at Firehouse 212 in Williamsburg.


NY Gallery Week’s participating gallery Wallspace hosts a talk titled Appropriation: Exploring Curatorial Methodologies for a Historical/Contemporary Exhibition with Anne Ellegood and Johanna Burton. I had a major crush on Burton for the longest time.

– Ram and I brought out supperclub Plates & Records back and we’re hosting a brunch tomorrow. Spots are filled but join our facebook group or email us to join us for future eatings.

– I’m pretty excited to see Alwin Nikolais’ Centennial dance performance at Joyce Theater this weekend. The costume and set design, the movement and sound looks completely funky and enticing.

Glasslands is hosting a rockabilly prom!

Dr. Sketchy‘s live cabaret extravaganza is tonight at Slipper Room.


NY Gallery Week and Anthology Film Archives are putting together a Wilhelm Sasnal screening. Also on Sunday is featured a book signing with T.J. Wilcox, talk with David Joselit, Irving Sandler, and Jorge Pardo. Also Martin Creed opens at Gavin Brown.

Jimmy’s No.43 is kicking off Pig Week with a butchering demo and lunch. The two don’t go together very well for me. I’d rather eat first, then butcher. Then throw up.

White Columns is having a benefit auction with free brunch preview!

May 12

NY Photo Festival launches. Make sure to check out the works of Osang Gwon and Lucas Blalock when you’re there.

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Mark Your Calender: April 23 – 30

I’ve been dutifully overwhelmed lately between an endless array of amazing events to organize and itching to experience spring and checking out all the awesome shows happening around town. Not to mention all the things I want to do to my apartment still to make it my own. The list never ends and I’m ready to lose my shit over it. But that’s just silly isn’t it? To lose your shit over wanting to do so many awesome things and realizing you just don’t have the time to do it all? I’ll just go ahead and add an extra 24 hours to a day so I can do THAT MUCH MORE. There.

Well some awesome invitations and notices have come thru the inbox and I kind of have to share it all:

Tonight is the opening party for the second edition of Homemade: Brooklyn, co-organized by The Shiny Squirrel and Sew Moni. There’ll be a week long series of events including a video screening, mail making, a trunk show, a perfume workshop, erotic fiction reading (I’m most excited about this one), and an art show of 5 artists with 5 pieces who are under 25. Each event has an invite of their own and it all takes place at 522 Metropolitan Ave. Check out the full schedule and details here.

Artist and friend Amanda Browder is a correspondent for the ever so wry artcast series Bad at Sports and she sent an invite for a panel discussion April 28th about painters and painting. Panelists include Dike Blair and Kamrooz Aram, two artists I admire. It will be moderated by artist and BAS correspondent Tom Sanford. More details here.

As Tribeca Film Festival rains down upon the city there are 2 films that I will fight my way thru to obtain rush tickets, most important being Micmacs. Same guy who made Amelie. And knowing how much I love Amelie, I just MUST watch Micmacs.

Metropia will be another winner for sure. I get to luckily see this tonight at a special screening. The cinematography alone looks amazing.

I only know one Burlesque extraordinaire and Gigi La Femme happens to be Miss Coney Island 2010. She is AMAZING, and a fellow Greenpointer as well, lucky us. Tonight and on April 30th, she’ll be starring in Wasabassco’s Coney Island Medicine Show. I don’t really know what that means except I am ready to be cured.

Like the Spice is currently showing works by artist Greg Haberny and their monthly dinner takes place tonight which is so special in that Fatty Cue and Fette Sau are having a cookoff at the gallery. This sounds like a meattastic adventure!! More details here.

Hester Street Fair launches this weekend and I am pretty excited to experience the foodstuffs. It’s also comforting to see folks are interested in relaunching the street market model, from New Amsterdam Market to opening a permanent market in Seaport and Hester Street. I wonder if there were any street markets that were open all day everyday in North Brooklyn…

Handmade Cavalcade is tomorrow, a pop up shop at Berry Park highlighting 25 Etsy crafters. I’m going to bet it’ll be packed with all sorts of cute knitware, bags, baby stuff, dolls, clothes, stationary and all that girly stuff. Can’t wait!

FEAST happens again tomorrow, I’ll be there eating grub provided by Marlow & Sons and voting for Trinity Project. And don’t forget to attend their fundariser on the 30th!

Rooftop Farms is installing three new hives and beekeeper Ross Conrad will be at the farm this Sunday at 2pm to speak. Learn some beehiving skills and don’t get stung!

I’ve been finding my release every Tuesday at No Lights No Lycra, a dancefest in the dark at Church of Messiah. next is on the 27th, it’s perpetually growing so get there before it turns into a moshpit in a couple weeks!

If there are any other awesome events happening from today thru the 30th, shout it out! I will try to do this Mark Your Calendar feature every Friday.

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