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Rad Tutorials and Downloads for Bloggers

I just discovered a super resourceful website for bloggers called Pugly Pixel.

Run by a woman named Katrina, it’s a blog where she shares her “2 cents about web graphics and blog technology, principles of web design and the machinations of Photoshop”. This gratuitously generous gesture is much obliged by someone as allergic to css as this humble blogger. Even when she tries to simplify basic css by comparing it to fashion blogging as she does in the video above I tense up and curl my eyes back into my socket in boredom. Still, there’s an abundance of tutorials, downloadable images and layouts for your site and resources of other sites and links where you can find odles of fun decorative designs. AND, if you have a measly five by bucks you can be a premium member of her blog and get access to a load of other goodies.

Some precious finds:

– Download instagram filters as Photoshop actions.

– Download crafty, patterned, vintage inspired photo templates.

– A tutorial to make textured text with clipping masks.

– Download sparkly glitter textures.

Now, I’m not much for girly embellishments, I like to stick to simple and minimal with a burst of color here and there. However Pugly Pixel provides ample inspiration and practice to fiddle around with Photoshop and create your very own original design content for your blog. It might, just maybe, inspire me to create my own website from scratch.

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