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Greenpoint Artist Profile: Emily Noelle Lambert


Another post on a Greenpoint artist over at Greenpointers. Here’s the first paragraph:

For the second edition of Greenpoint Artist Profile we are proud to present Emily Noelle Lambert. I met with the artist over Easter weekend at her studio on Manhattan Ave where hoards of people were gathered in front of the meat market to prepare for holiday feasting. I was escorted into a building that looked part residential part industrial, up a couple flights where a number of artists divided and shared the space for art making. Upon entry I was struck immediately by the haphazardous and chaotic paintings lined along the wall. I was confronted by jagged tangled sharp lines, vibrant contrasting colors, elusive dreamy/nightmarish figures, and a strict ritual of organizing chaos. I was admittedly disturbed by the jarring pictures presented in front of me and it wasn’t till the end of our visit that I was able to sit comfortably with them, cohabitating in an emotively indeterminable space.

Read the rest HERE. And if you know any artists working in Greenpoint, pray do tell.


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Reader: April 28th, 2009

– Bohemian Rhapsody old school computer remix. (via a million keys)

– An asshole of a criminal is chased by police, running over and killing a woman on Manhattan Ave. Shudder.

– William Powhida in NY Mag. (via WP)


Awkward boners. (via art fag city)

– Photo Op freaks the shit out of people. (via Suzy)

Swine flu inflects some in my hometown Queens. (via NYT)


Look at this fucking hipster. (via art fag city)

– There’s no shortage of craft and flea markets in Brooklyn. Too bad there’s a shortage in my wallet. (via Brooklyn Based)

Brezsny tells me to shut up till early May. (via Free Will Astrology)

– 175 art people, places, things to follow on twitter. (via art fag city)

– John Waters gives tour of his Boesky show. His eyes, and that stash… and Tina Turner… (via art fag city)

I’m starting a blog. very Olivia like. (via art fag city)

Jerry Saltz‘ favorite emerging artists as told via facebook. (via art fag city)

– Interview with W.A.G.E. (via art 21)

– On newMedia. (via art 21)

– Interview with InCubate. (via art 21)

picture-1Texts from last night. (via art fag city)

– In Koons’ studio. Or sweat shop. (via art observed)

– Also Marcel Dzama, Marina Abramovic, and Lawrence Weiner.

Bruce Nauman and his upcoming show at Phili. (via art observed)

Damien Hirst paints the Hours’ cover album. (via art observed)

– How recession has affected Museums. (via art observed)

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Illegality and the Dream Act

I’ve talked about my immigration story before and how important it is to get the Dream Act passed. In the weekend NYT there is a story continuing a series of articles on immigrations covering a family whose parents are both illegal, and whose oldest daughter graduated from college with no where to go due to her illegal status. Their younger son was born here and is automatically a citizen and a bit unappreciative of the gift of legality. I read the article again this morning and nearly balled in the kitchen sympathizing with this girl (who must be near my age) and her frustrations, the inability to progress and find a salaried job with benefits and insurance, to be granted scholarships and loans to go to any other schools than CUNYs, to not have to be pressured to get married for citizenship, to be able to travel and drive without fear of being caught and deported. And we are educated folk. My skin color is the only difference between me and the all american white girl. I have no accent, I am educated and am getting by doing whatever it is I want, thank you very much. I have a tax ID number which is granted for those without social security numbers that allows them to work only as freelancers and pay taxes. So, I pay taxes, hundreds of dollars worth, but receive NO BENEFITS. NOTHING comes out of that tax money I give to the government.

Sigh. What a tearful moment to start a day.

I’m getting all surged up again about the importance and necessity to get the Dream Act passed. With the economy flunking and the global market disintegrating before our eyes I highly doubt immigration will be an issue for quite some time. Which does make me anxious and forces me to consider getting married and falling “in love” ASAP. Any contenders?

You can read more stories and the status of the Dream Act and the possibilty of it being passed at and the DA portal.

I’m hoping soon to gather some people or join those already gathered raising awareness of this Act around the city and Brooklyn and perhaps sign petitions and what not. Maybe have a bake sale and bbq and concert to benefit Dream Act. Sigh.


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NbPac Jury Panel Announcement and Blog Launch


I’ve joined the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition and am helping organize the India Street Mural Project. One big duty is launching the blog which honestly didn’t take long but can be a bit stressful paying great attention to details and managing the time between NbPac organizing and all the other list of shits I have to do. But, I am VERY proud to present:

the NbPac blog, featuring events, notes, announcements, and all the juicy info you’ll need to know about the organization and upcoming project. I used the same theme as this blog since its easy and familiar and will be editing post traffic.

A few useful tid bits you should be aware of:

The Jury Panel meets on Wednesday and includes Marisa of Like the Spice (more on her later) and will choose 5 artists to commission a chunk of the mural and receive a $700 stipend each. I’m planning to meeting with each individual artist and profiling them and their work and hopefully publish it in a local paper soon.

The next general meeting will be held May 11th at 303 Grand to discuss suggestions and ideas for future projects whether they be murals or park events, performances, etc. If you’ve got an idea or project to propose, you should definitely attend.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the blog!

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James Hyde at South First


This past weekend I visited the gallery South First (located on N. 6th) in Williamsburg for a second round viewing of the works by James Hyde. First time around I was dumbfounded and simply couldn’t make sense out of these works. There was an onrush of references from Minimalism to Rauschenberg’s Combines mixed with seeing something completely new, a complete abandonment of convention where even the use of found objects to recreate context and meaning has become norm and redundantly rehashed.


Jim’s interest and exploration with the allegorical figure of Painting is manifest in a conglomerate effort with materials and images and here, photographic images function as backdrops to abstract gestures of paint, mixing rigid geometric patterns with spontaneous expression executed directly on the photographic canvas. Scraps of wood adorn some works with sloppy paint drippings layered on top marking an active engagement between each distinct element of image, paint, and object. This is typical of Jim’s practice, merging materials as wide ranging as chairs, handles, rocks, and utilizing them to stimulate a discourse on Painting and setting up a difference between mediums rather than similarity.

In the current show the technical ground and image field of photography is used as a grounding to picture painting, a place for the painting to emerge, “a matter of trying to keep materials so they have their own voice and create their own picture.” Here images of nature and unfinished construction sites are covered in streak of paint, simultaneously accenting and silencing the image beneath. Perhaps evoking a duel between paint and photograph, but I’d like to think they are engaging in friendly banter, each color, branch, metal pole wearing its Sunday best for the viewer.
“A painting is made by covering a surface with paint. It is this covering which reveal the painting. It reveals what it is generically; that thing – – a painting. The covering as an act locates the place where the painting become individual; this particular painting. Covering to reveal, does this sound like the logic of lingerie?”
The show is up until this weekend, make sure not to miss it!


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Reader: April 22, 2009

– “Even that state that we think of as the finest expression of the human spirit – love – can be tormented as well as powerfully exultant. So one has to be wary of assuming that just because emotion has been drained away, the machine is now lifeless.” R.I.P. J.G. Ballard. (via art fag city)

– Rose Art Museum stays open. (via art fag city)


– Ashes the hairless chimp. Creepy. (via awl)

Obsolescence as cultural production. (via art 21)

– Holland Cotter wins Pulitzer for criticism. Can’t say I’m not disappointed. (via NYT)


– Art bum comix by Lawrence Swan. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– Why must art magazines be so glamour obsessed? (via artsjournal)

– “Connectivity is Poverty” (via bad at sports)

Warning signs. (via eyeteeth)


Bodies of Pyongyang. (via Gothamist)

Stephen Cavanagh was behind the New Museum banner stunt. (via gothamist)


Eva-fiore Kovacovsky. (via i heart photograph)

– How I see men. (via  icy & miserable)

– “I think my basic job as a critic is to get people out of the house, to get them interested, energized, inspired, or riled enough to just go see what I’m talking about…Criticism should be a pleasure to read and, at least some of the time, to write. I want my style to be conversational, to be an everyday voice, only funnier, more compressed and more provocative…if taste is made it is made almost always by artists, because no matter how things change, they’re still suggesting to dealers whom to show…I think sincerity and integrity are the primary value in art, and these result from making something as good as you can make it so that it reflects your ideas, interests, and your passions as clearly as possible…When you’re writing you have to suspend your awareness of the ramifications of what you’re writing. When you’re done, it starts to sink in. What I said a while ago about the audience is true, but you also have to write for yourself; you really have to dig in and get what it is you’re feeling about the work. Also, criticism isn’t a simple process of thumbs-up, thumbs-down. You write about what works and what doesn’t work. It is usually a matter of degrees…don’t think criticism is an academic discipline; it comes out of yourself. Some people can absorb all kinds of stuff and make it their own. Others are hobbled by it. Either way you have to find your own voice and you have to work mainly from your own reactions. I guess there’s academic criticism with footnotes and all, but that seems written in a private language for a specialized audience. It’s not useful to most people.” Irving Sandler interviews Roberta Smith in Brooklyn Rail. RIGHT ON.(via two coats of paint)

Chloe reviews Broadcast show at Pratt Manhattan Gallery. (via Rhizome)

Daily Candy takes a look at Fine & Raw’s chocolate factory. I recently wrote about them here. (via F&R)


– Niall McClelland and Lukas Geronimas collage. (via fffound)


– Ultimate asian hotties list. They all look the same. (via worlds best ever)

– Casual craigslist penis photographer. (via funny or die)


– Hipster Grifter’s boobs. Too gross to post here. (via world’s best ever)

Hipster Run Off on grifter. This one’s even funnier. (via hro)

– Leo Fitzpatrick’s book Fuck Friends featers Koh, Bradley, Ackermann, Lowman, Neckface. (via Glob)

– Periodic table of knitting. (via craft zine)


– Google map typography. (via psfk)

– Cool Gucci commercial. (via psfk)

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Week In Photos

During my brief and much needed mini vacation to Rosendale I saw:

img_14931A cat on dog match,

img_15081A horse on horse match,

img_15101and a dog on air match.

img_15171A mini valley stream,

img_15181a miniature underwater forest,

img_15231rocks adorning funky patterns,

img_15271an inverted fountain,


reveals a winking ghastly contorted face.


An abandoned railroad bridge above,


and glistening waves below.


A cloud ceiling that’s been ripple by waves on a greenpoint roof,


A loft party,


a foreboding sign,


and singing daffodils.


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