About UDA

updownacross is a cultural website and event production “company” founded by Joann Kim Núñez. I am a recently married korean aquarius vata-dosha rat who grew up in Queens and currently reside in Lower East Side, NY. I am obsessed with the world of art, food, tech, design and media. I organize random events and spend my free time obsessing about my lack of free time. I collect, consume, archive, and inventory my experiences. I write, read, draw, cook, craft, walk my dog, ride my bike, recite mantras during a storm, daydream, jog, dance, meditate, perform sun salutations, and sunbathe when possible.

Send me a message: updownacross@gmail.com


12 responses to “About UDA

  1. i’m actually checking this weekly ….or daily?

  2. Joann

    I’m determined to blog 1 post a day, so mark the blog as a fave, or better yet just have it pop up every time you open firefox. ha!

  3. the blog is impressive. i especially like the meal pictures and not so much the mCcain bashing…i mean, c’mon, bashing republicans? i read more about food tonight than i ever have in my entire life. i hope you don’t get too fat.

  4. Joann

    In the last week I must’ve gained a pound or two but its that aristocratic fat=rich feeling rather than the fat=american obesity feeling. And there will be some SERIOUS amateur republican bashing going on here so get used to it. and thanks for the compliment, talking about food gives me as much joy as talking about sex, I dont know if I should be proud or worried…

  5. robert

    Very cool site! the food tastes as well as they look (trust me)

  6. lesley

    you made me want to write too, hah.
    I will definately visit this blog regularly.

  7. YJ


    I’m gonna check this when I feel like to read something refreshing.

  8. OMG. That’s a great picture!

    Can’t wait to bake something with you.

    Your fellow Brooklyn foodie,

    P.S. I noticed that you mentioned Nayland Blake in your last post. He has an opening at Location 1 on Dec. 2nd. Check it out. Hopefully, they will show his video “Gorge.”

  9. Claire

    i love food AND art, so you can imagine what your blog does for/ to me! gonna have to steal you dinner project idea.

  10. KW

    Recently got an invite to the Greenpoint Girls Group from a friend, SO EXCITED to see so many rad girls doing creative things in the neighborhood. I need to be more rooted! Looking forward to meeting you soon, hopefully.

  11. Every time you give the http://www.RooftopFarms.org a shout, my heart goes pitter-patter. Thanks, Jo!

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