Reader: November 9, 2010

- Things organized neatly.

- On Alex Ross’ new collection of music writing, Listen to This.

- Interview with Paper Monument co-founder and artist Roger White and his show at Rachel Uffner. I hate that Paper Monument reads in red.

Ann Toebbe

- NY Times on the Underbelly Project. Which then gets bombed and peeps get arrested. Derf.

- The 20 most powerless people in the art world. Not surprised Franco is first, on point!

- What the fuck has Obama done so far?

- Nerd Boyfriend.

- The first like 7 posts on this site is from Greenpoint Open Studios. huzzah

– Damn you autocorrect. omg im tearing from laughing so much.

- Texts from last night.

- Why the hell would you want a close up picture of your face after running 26 miles? gross.

- Peach Pavlova with spiced cardamom cream.

- Been thinking about switching over to raw food for mellow.

- Scott Campbell burns his show. What a temper.

- Been seeings some nice bags lately.

- Opening Ceremony blog is surprisingly very good, sharing a tour with printed matter and painting with leaves.

- 25 new literary magazines including The Body Attacks Itself and Sensitive Skin

- Roman Signer is awesome.

- Rich of Mombucha and I are on Life Tuner talking about being urban foragers aka cheap as shit.

- Movies like this give me panic attacks. And why is Franco EVERYWHERE!

- The Bedford is open.

- Bought this Os Gemeos poster for a cent.

- Shake Shack a Lack comes to Brooklyn. Yipee…

- Eddie Huang lashes back at TONY.

- Andrew opens at Famous Accountants on Friday.

- If TEDxBrooklyn didn’t cost $100 I would go.

- Glitter is the herpes of the art world. Except when you’re Wangechi Mutu.

- Koh and his goddamn white.

- Lauren Cornell of Rhizome and New Museum about surviving in NY. I’m 26 and am near my crisis and hope to be a grounded executive director somewhere one day. “My impulse to get in the art was not about making money; it was about the community, the ideas, and the new kinds of art forms. I think that that kind of spirit fosters a lot of really healthy experimentation. I think it’s important to be motivated by that and not by money because its unrealistic. I do think that, at a certain point, [you need] to think about the economics of it and how people get paid.”

- New ways of walking.

- Who ARE these “super-rich people“?

- Ai Wei Wei studio ordered to demolition. Then he was under house arrest. Then he was released.

- Download fake press pass to get into museums for free. I wish this would really work. I’m now thinking about signing up for memberships at major museums, but this gets me thinking, would I qualify as press? I’m really just a humble blogger, but, maybe??

- Incorporate more play in your studio. I can apply this into my everyday which lately has just been deemed as work.

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