Reader: October 17, 2010

OK, so on an attempt to get my writing momentum going I’m going to kind of promise myself to put up a Reader post at least once a week. Reader literally means I forage through hundreds of blogs I subscribe to through Google Reader and point out ones of near interest. Most are art and food blogs, a dabble of culture, literature, fashion, crafts and politics in between.

If you by all means have any recommendations for blogs I should be adding to my rolodex then please shout it out.

Guggenheim features PLAY, a three day exhibition culled from youtube videos picked and chosen by a star list of artists. AFC is skeptical, I just enjoy watching the 125 shortlisted videos such as the one above. Guggenheim also has a blog that is heavy and somewhat relevant called The Take.

– AFC interviews art professionals on what it means to survive, here with Triple Candie in Harlem.


"Double Figure (Pals) (After Mike Kelley)," 2010. Marshmallow Pals. Courtesy of the artists.

– On making candy sculptures: “The funny thing about working with candy,” she says “is that once you have to chew or otherwise consume a lot of it in order to make a sculpture, you realize how disgusting it can be. It was not pleasant.” via art21


Water Balloons without the Balloons.

– Art Review reveals its heinous Power 100. Hyperallergic makes ridiculous graphs out of it.

How to get chewing gum off your art.

– New York Times runs out of ideas.

– 200 new species discovered in New Guinea. via c-monster

Art in the two-track economy: “To advocate effectively for public support for the arts, the public must actually believe that art is a public good. And this is where the sense of irrelevance that comes from passively basking in art’s semi-privileged status as a luxury good comes back to bite.” via c-monster

AbEx Close-ups. via c-monster


Letha Wilson Right Back at You, 2009 Digital print, flashlight, rocks, 32” x 36” x 40”

– This is really funny to me. via sympathy for the art gallery

– Hrag gets mad about Koh’s being referenced to Klein. Also, everyone is crazy about International Klein Blue. This HAS to have happened before though no?

Stop looking at my mom.

– David Horvitz’s 7 of 7 books from MoMA’s library collection.

Frank J. Thomas‘ photos of the 60’s art scene in LA . via iheartphotograph

– Tree surgeon, organist, transgender, harpist, musician Baby Dee. “It’s a funny combination because things are a lot more light-hearted now and a lot more serious at the same time. I love that about the art world.”


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  1. thanks. i need distractions.

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