Reader: October 29, 2010

– If your food don’t taste good, at least make it look good.

– The urgency and importance in which the Dream Act must be passed is more prevalent now more than ever. The times have been covering a few stories of educated illegal immigrants who cannot progress without this.

– “Aesthetic discourse on crap“.

– Art fag city interviews Dan Cameron. “survival to me has meant figuring out a way that you can be recompensed for the things you most love to do. In other words, how do you find something close to what you do, so that you can, by virtue of proximity over the years, somehow get into doing what you want to do – like artists working as perpetrators…It’s about taking on as much as one wants, while feeling at the same time that one is doing a good enough job to do something right. What I would really like to do is clone two of me and have them at computer terminals doing their thing while I am out getting to exhibitions.”

– Barbara Kruger and Kim Kardashian sitting in a tree…

– Jeff Koons buys 2 townhouses in UES in efforts to create megamansion, including 4 maids rooms.

– Marina Abromovic at Lisson, new works are unbecomingly tame and near kitsch.

– Murakami sullies good taste.

– Guggenheim tries to oust the hot dog vendors parked in front with a food kiosk design and fails. “In its application the museum had argued that the food carts were unsightly and distracting, “creating an inappropriate, carnival-like atmosphere.”

Artists are boring but they get the hero worship treatment anyway.

Napoleonic Jesus. via eyeteeth

Obama and Jon Stewart, sitting in a tree…

– Saltz on Baldessari at the MET. Noticing he loves using the word “titillate” in his reviews.

– Interview with the producer of that Banksy documentary I haven’t watched yet.

Michael DeLucia. via fffound!

– Inside the LA home of Jeffrey Deitch. I was told in NY his apt was stark white with NOTHING on the walls. “This will be the party room. It’s in a transitional state…I started bringing in my art collection, the furniture will have to wait.” omg he get’s all hypnotist so you can see the face of jesus. AWKWARD. via world’s best ever.

– The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black is hosting an all ages record release Holloween party. Very appropriate.

– I love this blog. Filled with juicy images from olden books. They would all make amazing tattoos.

– Saltz is “modest” in explaining the value of Art Reviews Power 100 list and in true facebook form tells readers to make a “Saltz’s Vulture 100” list.

– Studio visit with Angel Otero.

– Creepy animated video  by artist Monica Cook. via coilhouse

I can do that.

– Type in your own handwriting. via Hrag

Hrag and Hyperallergic is curating a show exploring social media art.


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  1. creepy guy

    that is one definitely creepy video

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