Reader: Feb 2, 2009

– Christie’s and Sotheby’s old masters auctions didn’t do so bad afterall. (via art observed)

– Make sure to check out one my favorite artists Fred Sandback at Zwirner and Worth. (via art observed)

– Can YouTube validify video art? AFC uses Ryan Trecartin as a good example. (via art fag city and NYT)

picture-3– A cardboard life. (via notcot)

– Who know Romainians could hip hop? (via AFC)

– A brief excerpt about Nicholas Bourriaud’s “Altermodern” (via art21)

– Great great great cartoon video called Pinky Show about museums. (via c-monster)

– 20 soups in 20 minutes. (via cooking light)

– Cool site of the day: eat well guide. (via eat well guide)

Locavore‘s guide to NYC. (via locavore)

– Local Harvest guide. (via local harvest)

– Grassroots environmental products. (via grass roots store)


– I’m kind of glad I missed the Idiotard. (via gothamist)

– An exciting new art publication discovery. Hex Ed Journal is based in Brooklyn and so far has 2 writers for the art section covering many good things, the most recent being about political art and references Edward Winkleman. Good stuff. (via art blog comments)

– A great interview with Mark Spiegler speaking about the art market. (via artsjournal)

Thomas Campbell is like the Obama of museums. (via artsjournal)

– Non art related quirksome interview with Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore. (Via c-monster)

– I love reading artist profiles by Calvin Tomkins, who writes about Walton Ford for the recent New Yorker. (via New Yorker)

Edward Winkleman on Obama’s stimulus package that includes $50 million to NEA and the naysayers impotence. (via edward winkleman)

-This is what he sleeps to at night. Amazing. (via edward winkleman)

– New museum is looking for sleepers. (via gothamist)


DIY glitter globe from a jar. (via Craftzine)

– Poster boy has been arrested. It was inevitable with all that publicity. (via gothamist)

– Brent of Heart as Arena posts some artwork of artists who were at my dinner last week. Thank you!! (via heart as arena)

Hungry Hyena on good spirit, me-centered iculture, dystopians, extinction, and Obama. The ease with which this blogger references multiple sources is beyond me. He is an amazing writer. (via Hungry Hyena)


– Valentines chocolate-box-cake. Wow. (via craftzine)

– Can’t say I’m not getting tired hearing about Roses. (via MAN)

– MAO interview regarding the art market. (via MAO)

– How Obama will change/better the arts. (via art newspaper)


– The inauguration illustrated. (via lena corwin)


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