Reader: Feb 8, 2009

– The Cramps perform at a mental hospital. (via Evan)

– Haunting Obama dreams. (via NYT)

– Hrag Vartanian reports on Prospect 1. (via Brooklyn Rail)

– I enjoyed reading the first paragraph of this review. (via NYT)

– That syrup smell comes from a factory in Jersey. (via NYT)


Couples in their bedrooms. (via NYT)

– Kim’s videos transplants to Italy. (via NYT)

– Why humans need a nudge toward rationality. (via NYT)

– Why 99 cents gimmick works. (via NYT)

– Associated Press blames Shepard Fairey for copyright infringement. (via newsgrist)

– O, and, he’s been arrested. (via artblog comments)

– Fairey on Charlie Rose. (via eyeteeth)

– Kid after a surreal visit to the dentist. (via Brett)

Caitlin’s Corner: virtual sex education campus. (via Russ)

– An exhibition exploring collaborative works of Sonic Youth. (via art observed)


– All about truck spills. (via art fag city)

Founder of Wiki on Wiki Loves Art scavenger art hunt. (via art fag city)

Doogle. (via art 21)

– This is how Laylah Ali organizes newspaper clippings. (via art 21)

– Backtrack to 80’s with Stephen Sprouse. It was a blinding show. (via C-monster)

– Cup drawings. (via c-monster)


– Pugnacious puffy pants. (via c-monster)

– Really awesome drawing animation: Freshetables. (via dailyopia)

– The affects of scale and location in showing your work. Very informative. (via Edward Winkleman)

– Art Sled Rally. As bad as Idiotard. (via eyeteeth)

– Bourgeois-esque spider, robotized. (via eyeteeth)


– Bacon bra. Gross. (via eyeteeth)

This makes me want to snowboard. SOOOO bad. (via gothamist)


– Mugshots photostream. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– On the fractious relationship between art and science. (via hungry hyena)


Vader Vroom. (via i heart photograph)

– Great profile of artist Kate Gilmore. (via hex ed journal)

– Punch your face surprise dessert. (via Bre Pettis)

– Hipster run off on hipster run off. (via hipster run off)

– Uniqlo is looking for models. (via free williamsburg)


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  1. MikeyV

    i love this reader feature you do 🙂 whenever i see it come up on my Google reader I get excited and wonder what quirky things I will come across while reading it 🙂

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