Reader: Mar 5, 2009

Can’t wait to see Kippenberger at MoMA. (via NYmag, art observed, NYT, James Wagner)

– Hirst infested skateboards. (via art observed)


Bad paintingsA of Obama. (via afc)

– I don’t like this article questioning the recession’s impact on art. I truely believe its in times like these that the artmaking process can be unhindered by the distancing, dislocating and isolating effects of money and fame. The recession as sucky as it may be forces emerging artists to use their creative powers to collaborative and build a community without pressuring over commercial bullshittery. Sure, the chances of becoming the next startist is now slim, but who the fuck cares? Art for art sake man, art for art sake!

– Loooooong article on one family’s collection. (via NYT)

– Paddy Johnson on 3 activist artists. (via art fag city)

On curatorship: “It’s a great example of a profession’s lack of clear definition in the public eye being inversely proportional to the amount of flatulent endorsement it acquires from those who should know better.” (via art 21)

– Hot chicks with douchebags. (via afc)

In Real Life sounds like it’s going to be amazing. (via private circulation)

Armory Arts Week site to help you navigate the frenzy. (via art observed)

– Goatee shaver. (via eyeteeth)

– Obama loves his telephone. (via afc)

Art in America finally has a functional website. What took them so long? (via afc)

– Amy Franceschini reinvents the Victory Garden. Cool project. (via art 21)

– “But perhaps the real reason we keep writing is the hope, naïve perhaps, that we’ll make a better job of it next time. Unless you’re a genius or a fool, you realize that everything you write, however “successful,” is always a sort of failure. And so you try again.” (via NYT)


– Is Tao Lin Hipster Run Off? Is this Hipster Run Off? (via art 21)

– David Nahmad calls contemporary art a fraud. (via artblog comments)

– MoMA to launch a new more socially accessible website. (via arts journal)

– Do artist documentary demystify the artistic process? I think not! (via art 21)


– Photos about not taking photos. (via i heart photograph)

– What’s in the box? (via bad at sports)

– Art Cal is now Art Cat. (via artcal/artcat)

– Make supermarket art. (via c-monster)

Bars to rest and ease art fair overload. (via c-monster)

– I’ll have to try this. Peanut Butter was my first consumable good after the heinous detox, spread on apple. mmMmmm. (via contemporary confections)

– Rubin Museum’s Brain Wave festival has an eclectic mix of participants from Doug Aitken and Miranda July to Susan Salzberg and Mario Batali. (via Gothamist)

– Interview with Miranda July. (via Gothamist)

– Keyboard beats. (via Rich)

– On running an online art gallery. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– Reverend Billy for mayor. (via James Wagner)

– Moleskine blog. (via matthew langley)

– “When art museums use their collections and their curatorial staffs to intelligently engage with the present, they do something extra-important: They reach beyond the art ghetto to new audiences, they make the case for why art matters, for why art isn’t just a feature story.” (via Modern Art Notes)

“Undoubtedly the role of curator has been squeezed too narrowly between administration and dealmaking; but the travesty may be that curatorial studies programs fail to acknowledge this when they recruit students and collect their often sizeable tuitions.  Shouldn’t we then ask what sort of training curatorial programs are giving their students? (via the search was the thing)



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  1. Awesome blog, Kim!!! I’m at Armory tomorrow, then Denise Bibro for a blogging panel at 5:00. If you see me out there don’t be a stranger –

    cheers – Bill

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