Reader: Mar 30, 2009

Practical Home Cooking teaches you to optimize your kitchen and stop spending so much damn money. (via TONY)

– The Fempire. “It’s rare to fine women who hav that balance between work and life, who are really psyched for another woman’s success.” (via NYT)

– Department of Eagles music video by Marcel Dzama

– You might be able to find an apt for cheaper now. (via NYT)

– Girls in Brazil are raped and impregnated left and right flaring debate between abortion doctors and the catholic crazies. (via NYT)


Popel Coumou. (via i heart photograph)

– Koreans are pack rats. (via NYT)

– Wiki is like a thriving urban city. (via NYT)

– Find your farmer. (via NYT)

– Japanese farmers are old and worried. (via NYT)

– Facebook’s many faces. (via NYT)

– A rising food revolution. (via NYT)

Gustave Caillebotte at Brooklyn Museum. (via NYT)

bild-30– Oddly enough, that’s my butt, in a Lawrence Weiner art porn film about structure and language. You can watch it here if you dare. (via vvork)

– Best small toilets. (via apartment therapy)

– New and last 7 by 7 series by why + wherefore. (via why + wherefore)

– Sock into dog sweater. (via Hyla)

– art 21 looking for writers to discuss art and the economy. (via art 21)


Ginger Anyhow text messages. (via fffound)

– Oly interviews Terence Koh. “all art is monumental. just as all art is spectacular and gigantic. the economy is just like waves in the ocean but it doesn’t really affect the sea cause its still the sea…javier still continues to support me because we are still in love. he will always support me in my basic functions, roof over my head, food, and i hate to admit, my botox. cause once you are on botox you have to keep at it or your face just falls…i just want to do stuff, all kinds of stuff besides art. so its not like art star, but just a star. the heavens would not be as beautiful if it did not have so many stars twinkling amongst all that darkness so that we also get a twinkle in our heart looking at them.” (via artcat)

– Top 10 questions for museum guards. funny. (via modern art notes)

– Jonathan Lethem tweets for Brooklyn Museum. (via c-monster)


– Hot girls on bikes. (via the world’s best ever)

– On Cory Arcangel. (via eye level)


– I need me an all in one card stamp. (via swiss miss)

Hungry Hyena on Paul Klee and my fave Ali Banisadr. (via hungry hyena)

– William Powhida group show at Hunter. (via William Powhida)


– How peeps are made. (via notcot)

– Matthew Langley’s new 20x200ish project. (via matthew langley)

– The loneliness of the project by Boris Groys. (via NY Mag of Contemporary Art and Theory)

– Living cheap in Brooklyn. (via brooklyn based)



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3 responses to “Reader: Mar 30, 2009

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Oly

    That’s one booty that don’t need no botox, baby!!!

  3. Joann

    It’s only natural at this point for Mr. Koh and I star in a porn=art=porn film now.

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