Reader: June 2, 2009

Some of these are a few weeks old, shows you how often I go through Reader any more…

– Greenpoint baker Sarah Magid’s signing and tasting for her book Organic & Chic: Cakes, Cookies, and Other Sweets That Taste as Good as They Look. June 11th 7:30 at Word. I’m so there.

Just Food is a non-profit promoting a sustainable food system in NY and they are organizing the beekeeper ball to launch pollinator week. June 22nd 6pm at Water Taxi Beach. I’m so there.

– Chapman brothers unauthorizingly rebuild Tracy Emin’s Everyone I Have Ever Slept With tent. I can’t decide if this is immoral and unethical. I don’t see how it differs from appropriating any other resource such as images taken from media, etc. (via art observed)

– Mega Zwirner is opening another space on 19th street. (via art observed)

Paddy Johnson on Jessica Stockholder and Nam Jun Paik. (via afc)

50 text acronyms parents should know: FMLTWIA: Fuck me like the whore I am. (via afc)

– Obama condoms. (via afc)

– Oof. Artbreak charges for artist submissions. I just wrote about their show. (via afc)

– AFC+ on Cory Arcangel. Honestly the image is a one liner for me. (via afc)

Books to read this summer. On a side note I want to “read” this. (via art 21)

– On Jorge Colombo’s iphone painting that made the cover of New Yorker. (via Jen Bekman)

Guerra Paint + Pigment is the place to go for all you painters obsessed with color and can’t afford expensive tubes. (via Chris)

Brezsny says I’m going to do some great things this month. I hope he’s right. (via freewill astrology)

– I don’t recognize any names at Northside Festival next weekend but I’m looking forward to partying hard. (via Northside Festival)

Cookbooks for  summer “reading”. (via NYT)


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