Reader: March 11, 2010

Jeff Koons vs. Shaq.

– AFC on Volta.

Culinary Fine Art.

Latex love with Sasha Frolova.

Art for hipsters.

– An exchange of pen pal letters between an American 4th grader from the 60’s and a German socialist from the 80’s. Insightful, hysterical.

5 Great Internet-Related Art. I saw Rafael’s work at Volta and was in love. The toilet paper is the best.

– The documentary Basquiat: The Radiant Child is going to be heart-wrenching.

– Find any taco shop in NYC.

Ranting lesson on Risotto. “Overcooked Risotto is COMPLETELY FUCKED. Wallpaper the house with it or give it to the dog. If you serve it I will find you and it won’t be pretty.”

– Apparently there aren’t many sustainable seafood restaurants in NY. Not many at all.

Banning the use of salt is ridiculous. How can they think otherwise? What is the matter with them?

– All about beets.

This is why I love Skimkim.

Historical figures on toasted sandwiches.

Restaurant Girl spies on a competitor. This makes her creepy. But maybe this is normal and I’m the creep not phased by competitors??

The making of a food celebrity. Barf.

Map of NY’s best coffee.

Eating cheap in the east village.

I love this woman.

– I’d be curious to know how these boys afford these meals.

Ads of the world.

– Baohaus will soon come out with twinkies. O dear. I ate there for the first time over the weekend and their sandwiches are TINY. But delicious. Here’s the chef/owner on cock sauce. He is brilliant. “There’s this idea amongst “foodies” that spicy = good. Or that eating spicy means you know food. Or that you have a giant penis. I don’t know. I’ve never gone around measuring the penises of people who eat a lot of hot sauce, but I’m guessing there’s more of a correlation between people eating hot sauce and needing proactiv than a correlation between cock size and cock sauce.”

Food package war.

– I want to watch this movie.

Behind the scenes with a food photographer.

– Catering for 80 people, spending 61 cents per person. Amazing.

– I really need to learn moderation in my diet.

– I love this baker’s honesty, especially when admitting indulging in stress and overeating and how one leads to the other. Her prose is neurotic and frantic and her baking, beautiful. Get a load of these mini chocolate dipped bananas.

How to find more space in the kitchen.

Kooky Dough! Come to NY!!

– I really really miss baking.

– What an inspiration this lady is.


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