Reader: March 10, 2010

The cat and dog meat market in China. It would take a decade to ban pet meat??

My new obsession.

– Watched Secret of Kells last night. Despite the plot’s underdevelopment, the patterns, designs and movement of characters and their background was breathtaking. It made me very curious about Celtic art and history, the pagans, vikings, and the book itself. The filmmaker Tomm Moore is actually quite handsome. His blog goes into the whole story of the movie from beginning to end. Awesome.

– I absolutely LOVE Os Gemeos. LOVE.

– Pictures from Armory. Some more here.

Cotter on Skin Fruit. What does “items that are longer on provocation than on transcendence” mean? AND, “But “Skin Fruit” makes clear to me that his deepest passion is anger, provoked by situations over which he has no control.” seems a bit of a ridiculous statement no?

– More on Skin Fruit. And then some more. And then some more again. And yep, some more.

Saltz likes Powhida.

Bloggers achieve equal rights.

– AFC on Independent and the Biennial. I also find this profile on Dee and Westreich embarrassingly ironic. They’re a little bit in denial. Just a little bit. More on Independent.

– Can’t wait to see this show. And this too. Nicole on the previous. LOVE.

– Trying to draw every person in NY sounds downright OCD. But it’s a great effort.

– omg I really wish I hadn’t missed c-monster’s art yoga.

Graffiti vs. Street.

Earthquake remnants.

hahaha I saw a dude standing in front of Jeppe Hein’s mirror sculpture at Independent popping his zit. NO. JOKE.

– Pop is interchanged between artists and musicians with Rhianna and Jay-Z. I love these videos by the way. And thank you Nicole for introducing me to Grace Jones. Heart.

– Vimeo’s statistics.

– What 1968 thought 2008 would look like.

Filling up holes with legos! love love love.

All together now!

– I would love to buy this Reiger print via Beholder.

– You need to support Oly’s Escape New York exhibition on Kickstarter NOW.

– What to look for in crappy art.

Tikka Disasta.

– Can’t imagine living in such a luxurious (and luxurious) apartment, let alone spending all the time and putting in all that effort to build and create it.

– Works by Zhou Fan. AMAZING.

– Interview with Alex Katz. “I think art is as much like fashion as records or clothes,” he says. “Every three years it changes a little bit…It’s a picnic table in Maine, he says matter-of-factly. It’s one of those visual things where you see it, and it seems ordinary and also unusual.”

– The Manticore, from An Elizabethan Bestiary: Retold by Jeffrey Beam, illustrations by Ippy Patterson.

– In Conversation with Marina Abramovic: “I have to give up control, which is so contradictory to my nature: I like to control everything – I would control my own funeral if I could – but I have to give up complete control in order that the re-performances can happen at the same time as my performance…What’re we going to do with the pee? I said I’ll bring my own pee to the toilet!…I just want to be there like a rock, so when you come in I’m always there…But it’s funny, somehow you always seem to need these sort of disasters in order to purify yourself. Life is like that. Optimism is not productive!” I cannot WAIT to sit with her and eventually, inevitably, cry.

– A review of all the art fairs.

– In conversation with Kiki Smith.


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