Reader: Jan 29, 2009

– Guild and Greyskul’s 4 day wake. (via TONY)

– Download the art21 podcast on itunes. (via art 21)

– I don’t know that showcasing art in boutiques are about getting inventive. I really don’t like this idea. (via NYT & Artblog comments)

– Brandeis closing museum, but not selling. Make up your mind. (via artsjournal)


– Strange statues around the world. (via c-monster)

– I just started subscribing to Domino and now they’re closing. Can I get my money back? (via NY mag)

– Art market recession report by Hrag Vartanian. (via NYFA)

– On Prospect 1 by Nicole Caruth. (via NYFA)

3227984393_a1dd0fa0da-thumbHacking road signs. (via wooster collective)


– Long live shoe thrower. (via eyeteeth)

– Obama not as anal about jacket and ties in the white house. (via NYT and James Wagner)

– Can I have a lemon tree too? (via eat make read)


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