Reader: April 16, 2009

– John Whitney: Matrix III (1972) (via a million keys)

– Michael Jackson’s stuff for auction cancelled after his sueing. (via artinfo)

– Another Murakami/Vuitton collaboration. I’ll need a sugar daddy for this. (via art observed)

252065wd3Wang Du. (via vvork)

– Damien Hirst does Kate Moss. (via art observed)

– Obama portrait by Marlene Dumas. It’s too black. (via art observed)

– Madonna’s stuff is worth a lot. (via art observed)


– Irrelevant interview with Terence Koh. I want to start interviewing artist this way. (via art observed)

– What would Warhol do on the internets? (via art fag city)

– On deaccessioning. (via art fag city)

jasonlazarus-1– Jason LAZARUS. (via i heart photograph)

– On the value of art. (via art 21)

– Interview with Mark Bradford. (via art 21)

– Stop motion with wolf and pig. (via wooster collective)

– Interview with Mark Essen. (via artcat)

– Art Cal covers North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition, which I joined, more on that later. (via artcat)


– What a move. (via fffound)

– On Banksy: “To celebrate it (street art) is to celebrate ignorance, aggression, all the things our society excels at. For middle class people to find artistic excitement in something that scares old people on estates is a bit sick.” WOW (via arts journal)

– NYMag sex story with artgrad student. Again, are these real? (via NY Mag)

boogie-taxes-500x328– via world’s best ever

– I really liked the New Museum show too. Review to follow. (via c-monster)

– I want Kusama phone too! (via c-monster)

Kumar is in the white house. (via c-monster)

– Sweet Nick Cave soundsuit video. (via c-monster)


– That is some serious organization. (via apt therapy)

– On Peeps. (via sweet contemporary)

– Homework for artists. (via edward winkleman)


– Money carvings. (via eyeteeth)

Xylopholks. (via gothamist)

Tweebots journey through the park. CUTE! (via gothamist)


– via fffound

– L train, blogged. (via gothamist)

Empac accepting apps for residencies. (via rhizome)

– Obamas get a dog. It’s a mop. (via Hrag Vartanian)


– Pink Floyd popped up seeing this. Michael Vahrenwald. (via i heart photograph)

For the love of small paintings. I am totally with him. And I want to be invited to their house too. (via modern art notes)

Editing memory. Scary. (via one day at a time)

1e9bd04524d3711af13c0797a2d04180cc4c0edc_m– via fffound

– Genius press release for Powhida show at Schroeder Romero. Interview and review coming up. (via William Powhida)

– David Lynch directs Moby music video. (via Wooster Collective)

– I had an idea for having my body tattooed by artists too. I would love for Dzama to draw something on me. (via wooster collective)

– Most creative videos on the web. (via wooster collective)

– Wooster collective on wnyc about street art. (via wooster collective)

– How do you know when it’s done? (via wooster collective)


– via world’s best ever

– Massimiliano Gioni interviewed. He is so swoon. (via world’s best ever)

– She is a disgrace to my race. How did she get away with all this? (via world’s best ever)

– Nothing soothes the soul like a confession. (via world’s best ever)


– O those Russians. (via world’s best ever)

– Everyone’s Art Babbling. (via NYT)

– On Noah Becker of White Hot. (via myartspace)

– Hipster run off on taxes. (via hro)

– UES dimwit’s first brooklyn experience. (via free williamsburg)

Hipster recession fashion. Funny flight of concords video. (via williamsburg is dead)


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One response to “Reader: April 16, 2009

  1. Oly

    OMG. I feel so USED.
    Terence is granting other interviews!
    I thought of asking him what flavor of chicken mcnuggets dipping sauce was his fave, but alas, I thought it was too personal a question!!!!

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