Reader: August 4, 2010

Martin Loofa King.

– Will agree with Saltz’s concerns on Whitney’s expansion downtown, slated to open next year. If you’re expanding the museum into a building 195,000 sq ft big and will only be dedicating 50,000 sq ft to exhibition space, what the hell are you expanding exactly? Whitney doesn’t permanently show their permanent collection and the new space should accommodate for that in addition to making their space less choppier than it already is now.

– Can someone please enlighten me into why Jorge Pardo titled his show “bulgogi” and why he’s chosen to exploit Korean-Americans and their discomforts of assimilating to this culture in L.A.? Images of local KA’s are collaged and integrated into the domestic sculptural installation that make up the show and I really don’t see the correlation between his process and interest in process and….Koreans?? Why not Latinos? What the hell could he possibly be relating to? Who is he to reflect/represent/provide a “voice” for dissatisfied KA’s? According to the review: “In “Bulgogi,” the cabinets placed in a gallery setting signify the assimilation of the Korean population in Los Angeles.” HOW??!! I’m flabbergasted. thumbs. down.


– AFC’s top ten artist websites. That there is a top ten for this is a bit ridiculous. The post is misleading because they’re not websites that promote an artist’s work. They’re blogs, web-based-artist-sites, and art registries.

The Selby at Rockaway Taco. I heart (alongside all hipsters) Rockaway Taco!

– How to: Mint Syrup. This is useful as I’ve got a shitload of mint in my backyard.

– “I’m SO confused.

– On seven years as a freelance writer. “Freelancing requires such strict adherence to toadyism, to sycophancy, to the grubbiest, lowliest submissions.” Freelancers must be characters and stick their necks out. WAY out. I don’t have the balls to do that although I’d love to and there is no way at this point that I’d only rely on freelancing to pay the bills. Having a full time job is a luxury I can afford. This is great: “Freelancing means walking from the West Village to the Upper East Side and back because you don’t have enough money for the subway. Freelancing means being so poor and so hungry for so long that you “eat” a bowl of soup that’s just hot water, crushed-up multivitamins and half your spice rack (mostly garlic salt).” via AFC

– Basically, American Apparel’s owner is a douchebag and the company deserves to go bankrupt. via AFC

– Mark and Mary of Kill Devil Hill featured in a series of Brooklyn “families”. CUTE!

– The paradoxical art of Inception. I will have to see this tonight.

Does great art make you ill? realities of Stendhal syndrome: the condition of being so overcome by beautiful works of art that you literally swoon, or at least go weak in the knees. I’ve definitely swooned before, but what if it’s not a stable image and is a paradoxical 3D hyperallusioned video work that is mesmerizing and visually hyperstimulating? That’d make you swoon as well but how to determine whether that’s just dizziness or Stendhalled? via artsjournal

– WOW. Goosebumps anyone? Heartchamber Orchestra plays alongside live projections and visuals of each player’s heartbeat. This is straight up trippy.

Winkleman on that disastrous love-to-hate-to-love-to-hate show Work of Art and the Voice’s rountable. As Marthy Stewart wisely states “It’s not about art, its about TV.” Also, Viveros-Faune on ChowChow “She looks like a pug in taffeta.” Quote of the day!! I am also in full support of what he says in this roundtable, quote by quote, including “this show proves the ultimate hair-gellification of art with the added insult that the art world is, once again, helping tart up its own portrait”.

– RT @kanyewest sometimes I push the door close button on people running towards the elevator. I just need my own elevator sometimes, my 7 floor sanctuary. AND, New Yorker cartoons captioned by his tweets. He IS a genius artist after all.

– I’m astounded by how prolific HRO is. Here, he reports on Michael Jackson’s new album from hell.


– Dystopia is the new cool. And Shteyngart can’t read, and he’s from my hood, and his fiance is Korean. And the main character is in love with a Korean. I kind of HAVE to read it. Franco: “They’re WareBears”.

Oh My God What Happened and What Should I Do? is for everyone who wants into the digital era of AWESOMENESS. via notcot

Vietnamese Caramel Shrimp Banh Mi.

Americans pack on pounds. “Jesus Christ, America, get your lard-ass off of the couch and go take a walk or something. You fat fuck.”


Saggy pants are butt-ugly but legal. This is NEWS?? If it’s on Satorialist, yes.

– OMG that crazy dodgeball guy is interviewed. He went to my college and he was a drunken douchebag, this tells nothing different, except him being a math teacher which is kind of cute. Ridiculous and pure gothamist at its best.

– “I like to imagine the matter of contemporary media crawling out from the satanic pits of the early 19th Century, struggling to evolve in the winding towers. Then laying rails for itself to feed, spreading out creating denser and denser webs of interconnection for itself.”


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  1. Actually, no artist registries were listed in my own “alternative list”. The post cites three regular artist websites, and three websites that are continually updated — in the way an artist might also have their sketch book online. Other Criteria is a possible exception to this, but I listed it because I thought it was the best of Damien Hirst’s work. I suppose I could have made all this a little more clear.

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