Reader: Jan 5, 2011

– Googly eyed for this sneak peek into a Texas home.

– Madewell new arrivals. I’m going this weekend.

Anne de Vries vs. Billy Rennekamp. via iheartphotograph

– Greenpoint Open Studios’ enthusiastic sponsor Greenpoint Bikes’ owner Pablo has been detained in jail since October for a minor misdemeanor committed a decade ago. He’s a permanent resident but this makes him deportable. There’s been benefits and websites and all sorts of things happening to get the word out to free him. He got a story on the Voice, let’s hope this helps.

– Calculating your metrocard usage.

– My wedding dress.

Mini animals. So fucking cute. I want a micro-pig.

– Never did I think would come the day when I study weddings.

– Best in Food Art 2010.

Onion goggles: the essential cooking tool.

10 artists who deserve shows at at New Museum. Add onto that list: James Hyde, Janaina Tschape, Soo Im Lee, Emily Noelle Lambert, Carrie Moyer, Christopher Saunders, and Josh Dorman so far.

– 10 great New Year’s resolutions for the art world.

– Interview with Melanie Schiff regarding the camera, the self, and the gaze.

Lindsay Pollock is now editor of Art in America. I like that.

– Can’t way to see Counter Space at MoMA.

Art & Finance Services: Stock exchange for art…

– Koons sends cease and desist to store selling balloon dog bookends. via eyeteeth

– Snooki’s book.

– Old NYC landscape videos.


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